Monday, May 19, 2014

Professionals Will Stop Bad Rebuild RAID 5

If you want to avoid bad rebuild RAID 5, search for professionals who will do that instead of you. It is always good to be familiar with basics of how the RAID functions and also know the technical description on a system. But if you want to recover lost data, then you should not focus on manufacturer and their service to recover your data if you need them to rebuild your RAID 5. They will be focused on fixing the drives or how the equipment is functioning and not on how to recover your data because they mostly believe that you made the back up.

It is good to replace the damaged disk as soon as you discover the failure or anomaly. Before replacing the disk, the back up is obligatory because you cannot risk losing data. When replacing disks, make sure you have tested the new disk and that it is clean and correct. It has to fit your RAID 5 system and all its specifications. You need to be sure that the system will function perfectly after the replacement because if you are not, then you are risking a bad rebuild RAID 5. If you are not sure, hand it to your coworkers.

Files Deleted By Accident Returned By Shadow Copy Data Recovery Feature

Did it ever happen to you to scroll through your files looking for those you can delete in order to free space on your drive? If the answer is positive, then you are not the only one who did that because many users like to clean the computer drives and make space for new documents. But what if you erased the important ones? In that case, you will need shadow copy data recovery feature. Perhaps you already have it if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, but maybe you have not enable the feature or you did not know that it is part of your system.

For your information, the shadow copy feature is available for the two Windows operating systems mentioned above, but you need to enable it and then simply use it. The usage is not complicated like it seems. By the way, any feature existing on Windows systems is simple if you have basic knowledge in computer science. For using the feature called shadow copy data recovery, you will need to learn few steps on how to configure the feature properly and the rest will go easy. You will be able to return the documents you have erased. continue reading

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