Monday, May 12, 2014

Prevent RAID Repair And Save Your Precious Time

Saving time is one of the main things each worker has to obtain, besides earning money. Work is efficient only if it saves time while doing a job. That’s why all the technical things and gadgets have been invented – to save time and help the efficiency to grow. RAID system is just like that; it saves time and enlarges the efficiency. Do not let your time to be spent on RAID repair, but rather prevent the failure by simple steps. One of them is regular disk replacement. If a disk is old and damaged, it has to be replaced as soon as possible.

The other step is listening to the sounds that are being produced by disks. If these sounds are suddenly too noisy or if they remind you of creaking, you can prevent the RAID repair if you immediately call for service who will examine the RAID system and check whether it’s some problem on it. Doing the back-up once in awhile can also prevent the data loss, because if you suddenly lose power while the system is turned on, you may lose the data, but if you have done the back-up, you can feel safe because your data will be saved.

Do The Back Up Before Rebuilding RAID 5

In order to avoid bad rebuild RAID 5 try to prepare yourself for the operation. If you do something wrong, you will risk the success of your work. Make sure that you have tested the subsystem before you try to recover it from a failure that occurred on a drive. Also, make sure that you have done the proper back up. After you do the back up, you will be able to remove the drives safely from the subsystem. You can do that while the subsystem is running. Returning the system back to its original condition will be possible after you replace the drive with completely new and blank one.

The drive replacement is the most important part of this recovery process, so if you are not experienced, do not perform it, but leave it to the technicians. You do not want to cause bad rebuild RAID 5, do you? Also, experts like to mention users that they need to know the difference between RAID 5 and other systems such as RAID 0 or RAID 1 and similar. The distinction may seem not important, but it is indeed very important and user should know how the RAID 5 differs from other RAID systems. look here

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