Monday, May 26, 2014

Easy Configuring The Shadow Copy Data Recovery Feature

When things go in a wrong direction while working on a computer or some electronic gadgets, people tend to panic. It happens that users often erase important files from their computer because they thought they are useless. And this is where the shadow copy data recovery can help them. The shadow copy is a feature that is part of Windows Vista operating system and which was created in order to help users restore their lost documents. Of course, this is possible if a user configured the feature like it’s supposed to and also if the feature was enabled.

Besides Windows Vista, the shadow copy is also a part of Windows 7 operating system. Indeed, as an idea, it was made back in 2003. It is created as very simple tool, so almost anyone is possible or capable to use it, but still a user should know some details in order to perform the restoration properly. Before using the feature, a user should first configure the shadow copy data recovery. The System Property is where you should start if you want to configure the feature. If you don’t feel capable for doing that, ask an expert to help you and arrange it all for you. continue reading

Monday, May 19, 2014

Professionals Will Stop Bad Rebuild RAID 5

If you want to avoid bad rebuild RAID 5, search for professionals who will do that instead of you. It is always good to be familiar with basics of how the RAID functions and also know the technical description on a system. But if you want to recover lost data, then you should not focus on manufacturer and their service to recover your data if you need them to rebuild your RAID 5. They will be focused on fixing the drives or how the equipment is functioning and not on how to recover your data because they mostly believe that you made the back up.

It is good to replace the damaged disk as soon as you discover the failure or anomaly. Before replacing the disk, the back up is obligatory because you cannot risk losing data. When replacing disks, make sure you have tested the new disk and that it is clean and correct. It has to fit your RAID 5 system and all its specifications. You need to be sure that the system will function perfectly after the replacement because if you are not, then you are risking a bad rebuild RAID 5. If you are not sure, hand it to your coworkers.

Files Deleted By Accident Returned By Shadow Copy Data Recovery Feature

Did it ever happen to you to scroll through your files looking for those you can delete in order to free space on your drive? If the answer is positive, then you are not the only one who did that because many users like to clean the computer drives and make space for new documents. But what if you erased the important ones? In that case, you will need shadow copy data recovery feature. Perhaps you already have it if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, but maybe you have not enable the feature or you did not know that it is part of your system.

For your information, the shadow copy feature is available for the two Windows operating systems mentioned above, but you need to enable it and then simply use it. The usage is not complicated like it seems. By the way, any feature existing on Windows systems is simple if you have basic knowledge in computer science. For using the feature called shadow copy data recovery, you will need to learn few steps on how to configure the feature properly and the rest will go easy. You will be able to return the documents you have erased. continue reading

Monday, May 12, 2014

Prevent RAID Repair And Save Your Precious Time

Saving time is one of the main things each worker has to obtain, besides earning money. Work is efficient only if it saves time while doing a job. That’s why all the technical things and gadgets have been invented – to save time and help the efficiency to grow. RAID system is just like that; it saves time and enlarges the efficiency. Do not let your time to be spent on RAID repair, but rather prevent the failure by simple steps. One of them is regular disk replacement. If a disk is old and damaged, it has to be replaced as soon as possible.

The other step is listening to the sounds that are being produced by disks. If these sounds are suddenly too noisy or if they remind you of creaking, you can prevent the RAID repair if you immediately call for service who will examine the RAID system and check whether it’s some problem on it. Doing the back-up once in awhile can also prevent the data loss, because if you suddenly lose power while the system is turned on, you may lose the data, but if you have done the back-up, you can feel safe because your data will be saved.

Do The Back Up Before Rebuilding RAID 5

In order to avoid bad rebuild RAID 5 try to prepare yourself for the operation. If you do something wrong, you will risk the success of your work. Make sure that you have tested the subsystem before you try to recover it from a failure that occurred on a drive. Also, make sure that you have done the proper back up. After you do the back up, you will be able to remove the drives safely from the subsystem. You can do that while the subsystem is running. Returning the system back to its original condition will be possible after you replace the drive with completely new and blank one.

The drive replacement is the most important part of this recovery process, so if you are not experienced, do not perform it, but leave it to the technicians. You do not want to cause bad rebuild RAID 5, do you? Also, experts like to mention users that they need to know the difference between RAID 5 and other systems such as RAID 0 or RAID 1 and similar. The distinction may seem not important, but it is indeed very important and user should know how the RAID 5 differs from other RAID systems. look here